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Choosing a celebrant

Where and when should I find a marriage celebrant?

It’s great to find a celebrant through recommendation especially if you’ve seen a celebrant officiating at a wedding you’ve attended and really enjoyed. The super-busy wedding time in New Zealand is between November and April, and an especially big day is Valentine’s Day! Key people involved in the wedding, eg Celebrants, photographers, dressmakers, hair/makeup, caterers need to be booked well in advance.


What will the celebrant offer you?

Once you’ve made contact with the celebrant and had your first meeting, you want to feel as if you ‘click’ and are on the same wavelength. If this is not the case keep looking. It’s really important that they listen to your requirements about your wedding and that they are prepared to give you plenty of advice and ideas.

Celebrants work in different ways. Some have several sample ceremonies that you can work from, and others may offer more custom-made options. The celebrant will assist by discussing the all-important legal requirements. They may also suggest readings/poetry, music, wording of the vows and ideas for other parts of the ceremony. Once you’ve confirmed that you wish to go ahead, work begins on the ceremony. I generally find that there are plenty of emails and phone calls backwards and forwards between celebrant and couple, and then everything falls into place. There is generally another meeting before the wedding. This will enable the celebrant to receive the marriage documents, have a rehearsal or go over last minute details.

Above all, they will assist in creating a significant, yet relaxed and enjoyable occasion for you to enjoy and remember.

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