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Do you have a love for travel?

Of all the countless wedding theme possibilities out there from 1950s inspired to superhero to whatever it is that floats a couple’s boat, one of our favourites is a travel themed wedding.

It’s easy to see how a love of travel and an adventurous spirit can bring two people closer together. The notion of hitting the open road/sailing away/leaving on a jet plane and traveling the world together is oh so romantic…

And maps are a thing of beauty don’t you think?!

Here are some chic and unique ideas on how to incorporate travel into your wedding:

Globes, big and small can be used in many ways - as centre pieces, decor, escort cards or for the perfect travel themed wedding ring shot! Globes can be used in a very unique way.

There are a myriad of gorgeous travel themed map/postcard save the date/invitation suites out there to give your guests a hint at what’s to come. Include maps of the venue and surrounding area or map the journey from when you first met to your wedding day!

Instead of confetti, how about a paper airplane toss? Use pretty paper in your wedding colours or, even better, map print outs. This is the perfect option for those awkward venues who don’t allow confetti as they are easy for bridesmaids/ushers to pick up afterwards for a quick clean up.

Bonus Ideas: Use meaningful places you’ve travelled to as table names, post card escort cards or have guests write their best wishes (and must-see destinations) on postcards and pop them in a suitcase in lieu of a guestbook.

Have fun!!

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