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The right decorations for your wedding

Use your wedding dress as a guide to the formality and style. For example, a large formal event you may need more wedding decorations than you would for a small party on the beach. Consider color schemes to help you tie everything together. Flowers, linens, bridesmaid dresses, cakes should look as though they belong together even if they aren't exactly the same color. Use a wedding plannercolor wheel to help you decide on accent colors.

Look at the time of year in which your nuptials take place. Also consider the time of day you are getting married. For example, an evening wedding in the winter may require darker colors, extra candles and muted flowers, while an afternoon wedding in the summer may require light airy colors, bright flowers and handheld fans for guests to cool themselves in the heat.

Pick your decorations based on your location. For an indoor ceremony you may have to look at candles, flowers and few decorations, while for an outdoor ceremony you may have to look more at arbors, paper lanterns, plants and aisle runners. Look around and use the atmosphere surrounding you to help choose your decor.
Rent items from a specialty store catering to weddings and parties. Items like tables and chairs, linens and even table decorations are all great to rent rather than purchase. Often the venue where you choose to hold your wedding may have closets full of decorations you can use for no additional cost.

Draw a map of your wedding area and label the specific areas for your wedding decoration choices. When deciding how to choose the right decorations for your wedding, consider the alter, pews, gift and cake tables, bathrooms, guest book table, food and guest tables, chairs and chair backs, walls, doors, ceilings and floors, where you may need to add color or hide architectural flaws and areas that don't fit with your design plan.

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