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Wedding beauty prep

You've probably thought a lot about how you want to look on your wedding day, and many brides find themselves making endless pin boards and compilations of gorgeous makeup and hair configurations. But what many don’t realise is that wedding beauty starts way before the big day; and a little advanced preparation can bring you much closer to wedding day perfection.

1 Month before the wedding

The countdown has begun! A month before the wedding, you'll have to be careful about scheduling. If you get your hair coloured, make sure that you schedule your appointment no more than two weeks before the wedding. If there's anything you're itching to try, such as a spray tan, try it now so you know if it will work before the wedding.

Have your teeth whitened, either by a professional or using an at-home kit There's no substitute for glistening white teeth in wedding photos!

Steer clear of any new skincare regimens. By now, you've perfected your skincare routine, so the key is to stick with what works rather than be taken by the latest gimmick. It can take weeks to reverse the effects of an allergic reaction or peely skin created by a bad product, so don't take the risk!

If you're interested in microdermabrasion and other involved facial treatments, now is the time to have them done- with plenty of recovery time.

1 Week before the wedding

You're almost there! The key now is to stick with what's working and do your last-minute beautyablutions. Now is not the time for dramatic changes or last-minute crash diets. Instead, take some time for yourself and enjoy the final countdown to your wedding.

Confirm the final details of your makeup routine with your makeup artist, and gather any supplies you'll need to take with you on the big day.
Have any facial hair removal services, including brow waxing, done a few days before the wedding. This gives your skin time to heal but doesn't allow hair time to grow back.

Consider getting eyelash extensions for lush eyelashes sans mascara.
Get a spray tan if you want to glow on your wedding day.
Have your nails and toenails done. Gel manicures and pedicures last longer, and will ensure your nails look stunning through the honeymoon.
Stay hydrated. A parched body means parched, dry skin.
Ward off breakouts by putting a salicylic acid solution on any zits. Keep your makeup minimal this week to avoid clogging pores. If you develop a truly awful zit, call a dermatologist. He may be able to inject cortisone to reduce the size of the pimple.

1 Day before the wedding

You should be done with all of your beauty treatments now. Instead, it's time focus on calming your nerves and creating a relaxing, health environment.
If you get the opportunity, go for a massage to relax those pre-wedding nerves! You'll appreciate the time you took when it's time to get to sleep.
Spend your day getting a little bit pampered. But be careful to not have any new, foreign treatments done to your skin or hair that could result in any kind of allergic reaction.

Eat a healthy dinner that won't leave you bloated. If you have food sensitivities, steer clear of any problem foods. Under-cooked foods, rich desserts, and eggs can all give you diarrhea on your wedding day, so avoid them like the plague.

Take off all your makeup before you go to bed, no matter how tired you are after your rehearsal dinner- growing a pimple overnight due to clogged pores is an absolute nightmare for anyone, but especially a bride who’s made such an effort for the past six months to ensure she looks her best!

Go to bed early. Even though you may have trouble sleeping, try to stay rested and calm about not sleeping. Do something relaxing, such as listening to soft music, watching TV for a little while, or reading a book. You'll be nodding off in no time. After all, bags under your eyes are never a good look for any bride!

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