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Wedding flowers & decorations

Depending on your tastes, and the location of your wedding and reception, flowers and decorations may be either a moderate expense or a major expense. Some locations are so beautiful that only a few flowers and decorations are needed.  Try keeping your flower arrangements and decor simple.  When deciding on flowers, keep in mind they are a one-time use, expensive and perishable item. Try to limit fresh-cut flowers and utilize other types of floral arrangements and decorations.  Here are some ways to stay within your budget.

Wedding and reception flowers.

Limit the number of people in the wedding party that have flowers.  If you only have flowers for the bride, the groom and a few other key people in the wedding party, such as the maid/matron of honor and best man, the cost of wedding flowers will be minimized.
Don’t purchase a duplicate bouquet for the bride to toss, if you are not planning on preserving your bouquet for display at home.  Toss the original.  Or consider picking just one flower from your bouquet to toss. Consider carrying a small bouquet or single flower wrapped with ribbon or tulle. Sometimes smaller is more attractive and elegant.
Consider using silk flowers (you can even rent them) for both the wedding and reception.  They can be less expensive than many real flowers, can be kept indefinitely, and can serve for years as home decorations.  As an added plus, you can acquire silk flowers well in advance of the ceremony, so there is one less thing to worry about on your wedding day.  Even the wedding party can carry silk flowers, including the bride.  Or perhaps the bride can have a fresh bouquet with everyone else going silk.

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