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Wedding food trends

Shrink it down
Sometimes mini versions of your favorite meals make even more of a statement than their full-sized counterparts. How about a single meatball topped with spaghetti and a bit of sauce for a classic dish that guests can eat in one bite. Lose The Fork. Make cocktail hour stress-free for guests by offering them foods that don’t require utensils. 

Upgrade your comfort food

Your home cooked favorites are instantly elevated when served in unexpected ways, like this gruyere and white cheddar mac and cheese served in a dainty ramekin.

Keep It Healthy
Appeal to guests' lighter sides by putting a few delicious good for you options on the menu. This baby Greek salad is a mouthwatering appetizer that is a cinch to whip up.

Include a beverage

Complement your favorite meal with a cocktail. For a black tie wedding, try caviar and vodka. Having a more laid back affair? Sliders and a craft beer are just the ticket. Make it Interactive. A DIY food station is a great conversation starter that allows everyone to help themselves.

Serve breakfast for dinner

Breakfast is always a crowd pleaser, so why not serve it at your wedding? How about try a bacon cup filled with scrambled egg.. It is an elegant twist on the classic morning staple.

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