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Your wedding gown

We recommend having your gown professionally cleaned as soon as possible after the wedding. This will increase the likelihood of successful cleaning. If stains from food, beverages and body oil are not properly cleaned prior to storage, they may become permanent. Most decorative trims will not survive when cleaned in perchloroethylene (a toxic solvent used by most dry- cleaners), others may turn yellow. you should only use eco-friendly detergents which are, in general, harmless to these trims. Store your gown in a cool, dark and dry place. Do not store in a basement or in the space above the ceiling. Basement dampness can cause mildew; above the ceiling heat could cause yellowing of the fabric. You can wrap your gown in special acid-free tissue paper and place it in a purpose designed storage box that will prevent contamination.

Never store headpieces, tiaras, shoes or other accesso- ries with your gown and inspect your gown from time to time during storage. Stains initially not apparent could appear later and should be taken care of immediately.

- Kleen+Press

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