St Pauls Church

    09 402 6030 

    St Paul’s isn’t particularly old (1925), but it stands on the site of NZ’s first church – a simple raupo (bulrush) hut constructed in 1823. It’s an altogether charming building, built from Kawakawa stone.

    St James Anglican Church

    09 407 1486 

    Our Mission: To proclaim the love of God and so nurture love and care for all people. Preparation of families for baptism, confirmation and weddings. Ministry to young children. Youth, adult study and fellowship. Resource provider.

    Christ Church Russell

    09 403 7696 

    Christ Church, Russell / Te Whare Karakia o Kororareka is New Zealand’s oldest existing church and possibly the oldest building still used for its original purpose. From 1998 local people have taken over the role of a visiting priest, forming a Local Shared Ministry team.

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